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Extreme North – Quadrathon Festival

16th – 19th August 2018, Inishowen

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A festival of running, camaraderie and memories consisting of:

QUEST – 1-4 Half Marathons over 4 days
WARRIOR – 1-4 Full Marathons over 4 days
HERO – 105 mile Ultra over 26hrs (18th/19th)

This event is about the Challenge, the Scenery, the Camaraderie, the new Friends, the amazing Medals and Fantastic Memories that last for years. The event support is second to none and the opportunity for early starts for walkers and slow runners ensure that this event is all inclusive and suited to all endurance walkers and runners. The event description would never be complete with mentioning the amazing medals that assemble to form a trophy like medallion for all 4 day achievers.

QUEST & WARRIOR – A 4 day event in a paradise of amazing rugged landscapes and sometimes hilly terrain with a different routes each day. Event support is fine tuned, ensuring runners focus is only on the challenge, as our race support includes for all logistics allowing you stress free relaxation between races.

HERO – Inaugural 105 mile challenge in 2017 involves running the same 4 scenic marathon routes as the WARRIOR course. Starting in Moville at 2:30pm on Saturday 19th, each marathon distance has a cut-off time and an allocation of 26hrs to complete.

Extreme North’s legendary hospitality, post race food daily, amazing new medals & trophies, amazing scenery on the Edge of Europe are just some of the features to look forward to.


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