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Loinneog Lúnasa

6th – 9th August 2016, Gaoth Dobhair

Loinneog Lúnasa 6-9 Lúnasa i nGaoth Dobhair

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This Festival celebrates the Musical and cultural heritage of Gaoth Dobhair.

There are few areas in Ireland that can boast such a wealth of internationally renowned musical acts. Just think of Enya, Clannad, Mairead Ní Mhaonaigh and Altan to name but a few. Then Brendan de Gaillí has danced his way around the world with Riverdance.

But Gaoth Dobhair is not just about the music! It’s the place itself. There’s the sea and the coast, the islands the tradition and of course the Irish language. So come and enjoy a weekend of music, culture and craic in Gaoth Dobhair during “Loinneog Lúnasa”

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