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Donegal Garden Trail

Summer months, Co. Donegal

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Donegal Garden Trail comprises of 22 private and publicly owned gardens open for visitors at differing times during the gardening season. Open days and times are listed with each garden but many owners are happy to open outside of these times, but please do phone ahead to make sure, giving as much notice as possible.

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Founded in 2006 and first opening our gates in summer 2007, we are an association of public and private gardens which has a very committed and enthusiastic membership.  Many private gardens proudly collect donations for charities.

Our primary aim is to promote garden visiting as a collective effort in County Donegal, encouraging garden visiting as an educational and leisure activity.

We have an inclusive approach, not rating or judging our gardens as such. Two of our members will visit a new prospective garden and determine two criteria: is the garden safe and is there sufficient horticultural interest.

2017 marked a momentous year for Donegal … global publication “National Geographic” has named our county “The Coolest Place on the Planet” to visit.

We are thrilled to be part of this and are proud to invite visitors to enjoy our 22 diverse and enticing gardens.  Travelling the length and breadth of the county, visitors will discover a long established tradition of ornamental horticulture which began in monastic and castle gardens and continued in cottage and country houses.  The gardens described in our brochure and on our website are the continuation of that rich tradition.

The Trail gardens boast many examples of experimental and innovative horticultural displays with surprisingly good results. This dynamic of the passionate gardener coupled with excellent growing conditions and the exquisite light for which this part of Ireland is celebrated by well known painters has led to a wonderful array of beautiful gardens. The light in Donegal is enchanting. In any season it gives utterly unique and ever-changing visual entertainment. This coupled with informed planting of flowering plants offers an unforgettable visitor experience. A visit to Donegal will be something that remains with you – something you will want to share with friends.

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