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Tír Chonaill Stone Festival 2018

22nd – 24th June 2018, Mountcharles Pier

For details visit The Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland website

Book your Workshop Tickets now!


Tirconnel Stone Festival 2016 - Map of Ireland

32 COUNTY COLLABORATIVE MAP OF EIRE made by 32 stonemasons from Ireland’s native stone.

Tirconnell Stone Fest - Cliffs

Glencolmcille. Photo: Tirconnell Stone Festival

       An area of outstanding beauty, steeped in ancient stone wonders

Tirconnell Stone Fest - Standing Stone

Photo: Tirconnell Stone Festival


Come learn together how to build a beautiful dry stone wall

Tirconnell Stone Fest - Wall Building

Dry stone wall building. Photo: Tirconnell Stone Festival.

Or try your hand at stone carving

Tirconnell Stone Fest - Stone Carving

Photo: Tirconnell Stone Festival

Tirconnell Stone Fest - Pauric, Cross

Photo: Tirconnell Stone Festival

Soak up our tours of local heritage sites

Tirconnell Stone Fest - Church

Come for the company, music and craic

Tirconnell Stone Fest - Guinness

Photo: Tirconnell Stone Festival

And be part of our living stone heritage

Tirconnell Stone Fest - Louise in Glen

Louise in Glen. Photo: Tirconnell Stone Festival

Call Louise Price for more information and bookings

on +353 (0)87 322 3965

An event by the Dry Stone Wall Association of Ireland


Tirconnell Stone Festival Facebook Page

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