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First Nations Ireland

Running the inaugural First Nations Meeting of Ireland in Donegal from 5th-11th September 2016

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First Nations Ireland is an inaugural gathering of Irish and First Nations people from overseas taking place this September. Our aim is to create discussions and contributions on the indigenous values inherent in Ireland.

Ireland's First Nation Gathering 2016

First Nations are defined as the original people to populate a territory or land mass. There is no Irish First Nation defined by ethnicity, race or DNA. The history of Ireland is a recurring succession of invasions and integrations of people from early times such that this definition is impossible. However, a legacy exists in terms of Mythology, History and Cultural Traditions which determined a set of values that are from the island of Ireland. These have a degree of equivalence with First Nations values systems from around the world.

In September 2016, a group of Irish citizens, educators, artists, academics, civil society groups and local communities are hosting the inaugural First Nations Gathering of Ireland.
The purpose of this event is to hold a space for discussion a on possible set of values that could define an Irish First Nation.


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